Analysis and systemic assessment of the existing structure, possible solutions and their impact on costs and performances.

We compare benefits, costs and risks of the various planning alternatives to identify truly the most advantageous solution for the customer. We analyze and balance all the factors involved in order to ensure a rapid return on the investment through the achievement of high levels of efficiency, maximum operational flexibility and low working costs.

Our study is divided into 4 stages:

Performance analysis
We analyse data and performance indexes to evaluate the actual gap between the project objectives and the current situation which needs to be filled.

Assessment of the existing structure
We examine processes, infrastructures, equipment and organizational behaviors to identify possible inefficiencies, wastes of time, resources dispersion, redundant activities or incorrect habits.
Our goal is to make critical issues emerge, to set the priorities of intervention and to assess the rooms for improvement.

Identification of possible solutions
Different scenarios are hypothesized, viable solutions are compared and costs and benefits are weighed up.
We consider the opportunity to introduce new software, new technologies and new operational methodologies in order to improve the efficiency and quality of the service.
Our purpose is to agree with the customer the most advantageous path to fully achieve pre-set goals.

Project guidelines
The identified solution is translated into project documents which describe organizational arrangements, the technologies, the processes and the metrics used to assess results.