Turnkey implementation of innovative logistics solutions

Upon the customer’s proxy, we assume exclusive responsibility for the implementation of the project, ensuring the goals achievement in compliance with the agreed times, costs and quality standards. We put at your disposal our twenty years experience in this sector, our structure and our specialized competences managing all the implementation stages for the customer:

Planning, programming, and control
Our project managers are specialists expert in planning and managing complex projects. Innovative management models allow us to cancel the distortive effects of traditional programming which leads to a prudential overestimation of the tasks and prevents possibly saved times from being recovered.
We organize the sequence of activities optimizing the necessary resources. We check the execution of the works and constantly monitor the project progress to promptly intercept deviations or delays which require quick corrective interventions.

Solution implementation
Over the course of years, we developed all the resources, the tools and the competences in order to help you obtain the maximum out of your investments. With our structure, organized into divisions, and the wide range of services, we ensure you a global and coordinated support during all the stages of implementation: from selection and integration of technologies to installation and testing, until service and progressive maintenance of the solution.
Our autonomy from producers ensures you an impartial contribution exclusively focused on the success of the project and on the advantages for your company.

Roll-out, testing and training
Solution commissioning is a particularly delicate phase which may have a significant impact on the company’s operation. In order to prevent the risk of a disservice, we developed technical and organizational measures appropriate to ease a productive start-up free of inconveniences.

Continuous improvement
We assist you in cyclical inspection and optimization of the systems and processes in order to ensure the maintenance of high levels of performance and constant alignment to your business strategies over time.


  • unique partner responsible for results
  • neutral approach, independent of producers
  • access to high-level integrated multidisciplinary skills
  • guarantee of the agreed standards of service
  • risks minimization
  • costs reduction