K.F.I. offers specific solutions for the marking, traceability and automatic identification requirements of manufacturing businesses, the chemicals and pharmaceuticals sector, the automotive industry, food producers, the steel industry, engineering, the aerospace sector, etc. K.F.I.’s solutions are used to improve the receipt of raw materials, the handling of materials, the production of semi-processed goods, the traceability of goods and resources, and the storage and shipment of goods. Each sector has its own specific requirements, and K.F.I. works with its customers to produce solutions capable of being integrated with their diverse logistical/productive processes, while complying in full with the strict technical requirements demanded.


  • Automatic product marking
  • Automatic identification
  • Monitoring the state of production progress
  • Process monitoring
  • Logistics (just-in-time production)
  • Product traceability
  • Pallet traceability
  • Warehouse management