Kfi markets, installs and provides maintenance for the devices of the best brands on the market

KFI integrates and markets a wide range of solutions for thermal and thermal transfer printing of the world’s top market leading brands.

The range of products also extends to printing engines ideal for high volume print industrial applications and for integration in printing and labelling systems alike. Starting from the analysis of the real needs of you company, KFI assists you in the choice of the top performing devices depending on the various types of processes to be carried out in logistics, transport, manufacturing and retail sectors.

A very wide variety of printers

  • Desktop printers
  • Industrial printers
  • RFiD printers
  • Card printers
  • Kiosk printers
  • Portable printers
  • Printing engines

Desktop printers


Compact, easy to use and small, Desktop printers are reliable and durable devices ideal to ensure continuity in the execution of the processes. Thanks to lines and versions always up to date with the latest innovations available on the market, desktop printers can meet multiple printing needs depending on the characteristics of the reference sector, allowing to improve operating efficiency, increase profitability and reduce down times.

Industrial printers


Solid, fast and reliable, industrial printers are devices designed to meet production needs of high printing volumes, ensuring top quality and speed printing levels in multiple types of application. Designed to endure for a long time and to minimize operational disruptions due to failures, industrial printers can take on the most challenging work environments thanks to a reliability without comparison. The newest versions ensure high compatibility with other printing systems and technologies and with management softwares, easing integration and management of the company’s processes.

RFiD printers

Industrial, tabletop and specific for supports (cards, tags and wristbands), RFiD printers allow to print tags with advanced traceability functions to increase assets, items and people visibility. Very flexible, they allow to print tags RFiD cards in various volumes and formats and depending on needs: from very small coupons placed on single articles to large tags for baskets, packages and pallets.  Compatible with RFiD components of all the main suppliers, they’re designed for all standards: RFiD UPC UHF Gen 2 and RFID HF.

Printers for card and badges


Specific for printing on plasticised surfaces, cards and badges printers allow to create company cards for  identity, presence and safety check, commercial cards such as gift cards, loyalty and promotional cards, bank cards and all the types of cards used for unambiguous data identification.

Kiosk printers

Designed to offer printing stations on demand, kiosk printers are the ideal solutions to offer a prompt service in contexts of service to public, customers and users which have immediate access to receipts, tickets, sales receipts, discount vouchers etc. printing. They allow for direct thermal printing of any font, bar code and graphical element supported by the application and present various supports assembly options to allow for high levels of flexibility in designing the kiosk.

Mobile printers

Designed for mobile work, portable printers allow for printing under any conditions and type of environment. Designed to be resistant to vibrations/falls, dust and liquids, they’re characterized for their ergonomic design which allows to easily handle printing and maintenance operations of the device.

Printers engines


Designed to create a customized bar codes system on the basis of specific needs, print engines are the ideal solution to create high volumes of bar codes. Very efficient, resistant and top-notch in all contexts and characterized by very intense work rates, print engines are designed to allow for integration with printing and labelling systems.

Service and repairs

KFI is a center specialized in after-sales assistance for devices related to the world of traceability: discover the repair and update services