SpeedyPick AIR

Latest generation pick-to-light system to support manual picking processes

SpeedyPick Air revolutionizes pick-to-light systems introducing innovations which overcome all the complexities of wiring, supply and management of the traditional systems.
SpeedyPick Air uses new slow-consumption wireless displays equipped with standard substitutable batteries which ensure up to 6 years of operation.
Data exchange and the devices update occurs wirelessly through communication protocols and dedicated access points connected to the company’s network. Each single access point can control up to 100 displays located on shelves or on moving picking carts. There are no limits to the number of controllable units.

It doesn’t require wirings, easy to install and to manage
The displays can be fixed to containers, shelves and carts through magnetic supports, adhesives or mechanical hooks. The devices talk with the system through radio frequency nullifying the need to use expensive wirings which bind their position.
Whenever the locations change, the system can be quickly reconfigured by simply moving the displays to the new locations.

Web-based management software
Configuration and control of the system are easy and fast operations. The web-based software accessible from browser allows to identify, assign and check the conditions of the displays and of the access points. Depending on needs, the network can be structured in separately manageable display groups. If the displays are used on moving carts, the software automatically updates assignment to the various access points coupled during the route.

Main features:

  • Operating range of the wireless display: 100 m
  • Graphical display
  • Battery duration up to 6 years
  • Change of position automatic detection
  • Antiremoval device
  • Up to 10 displays per linear meter
  • Firmware update via wireless
  • Wireless access point 10 Kbps – LAN 10/100 connection
  • Up to 100 displays managed by every single access point
  • Management software accessible via browser
  • Can be integrated with the existing ERP, WMS, MRP, MES systems


  • Increase in productivity
  • Decrease in errors
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Fast adaptation to new stocking layouts
  • Also applicable on picking carts
  • Low maintenance