In Store Operations

Wireless solutions for the improvement of processes and productivity in the store

KFI Mobile In-store Operations is the hardware and software solution which allows to make the processes linked to customers’ and goods management in the store easier, faster and more efficient.

The system allows the operators to perform, from any point of the store, the majority of the operations which are traditionally carried out at the till terminal in mobility:

  • Verification of stocks
  • loyalty card management
  • returns management
  • customer service
  • goods receipt
  • click and collect
  • inventory

How it works

Thanks to a wireless touchscreen palmtop equipped with a barcode or RFID reader and a dedicated app, the salesmen are able to dialogue with the main management system to

  • check for the availability of an article in the store, in the central warehouse or in other stores of the chain
  • consult the assortment to propose alternative or correlated products to the customer
  • recognize the customer and consult his purchase preferences
  • manage logistical and merchandising activities
  • inventory goods and manage the provision

The advantages

Thanks to KFI Mobile In-store Operations, the store increases efficiency, extends its services and transforms the customer’s purchase process in a rich and positive experience.
Advantages which translate into:

Greater productivity
the personnel carries out his tasks autonomously without congesting the cashiers

Improved customer’s experience
the salesman is able to precisely and directly answer the consumer without having to reach a terminal

Improved control of the sales area
thanks to the wireless palmtop, the personnel moves freely overcoming constraints of proximity to fixed posts

Fewer errors
automatic identification through barcode and RFID ensures complete traceability of all the goods handled in the store

New opportunities
thanks to the connection to the central system, the store can quickly enable new services in synergy with the digital sales channels