Label Management

Nicelabel is the latest generation complete labels management system

For companies which must manage production, logistical or distribution processes as part of their business, being able to centrally coordinate all the labelling operations represents an essential condition to obtain the maximum level of efficiency, accuracy and flexibility. KFI is sales partner of NiceLabel, a family of software products capable of offering a complete solution for bar codes and smart labels printing. Thanks to an easy-to-use interface, it is able to meet any design requirement and to supply efficient printing solutions.



Labels design system
Fast design of dynamic labels models and possibility of optimizing the efficiency and accuracy of the printing process. It is possible to remove printing errors by adapting the printing interface to the user and to the process or by integrating labelling with the existing applications and reference data.

Web system for documents management
Integrated DMS for labelling requirements developed in Web HTML5 application with saving of all the documents in an indexed and centralized database repository. User’s interface based on browser which allows access at company level and faster design and approval procedures, without installing or managing other softwares.

Web printing system
Distribution and start-up at central level of all the manual printing applications with the possibility of scaling to company level and beyond with one single click.

Printing system integrated with the existing company ecosystem
A single scalable platform to standardize, centralize and control every labelling and marking need at global level. Management of all design, revision, approval and direct printing operations in a single solution from the management system in SAP, Oracle and other company applications, maintaining a single source of truth for labelling data.