Android zero-touch enrollment

With zero-touch enrollment, IT teams can instantly deploy a fleet of company-owned devices, secured out of the box. Employees just power on to get started with the apps and configurations they depend on ready to go.

Secured out of
the box

Deploy fleets of devices instantly

Works across all major brands

How does
zero-touch work?

A successful deployment requires more than just selecting the right devices – it's about getting them configured and into the hands of users as easily and quickly as possible.

AndroidTM zero-touch enrollment is a seamless, large-scale deployment method that allows organizations to roll out corporate-owned Android devices without manual setup. Once devices are shipped out, employees simply follow the prompts to get started – enhancing productivity across the organization and creating a better user experience.

Deployment is automated, reducing any dependency on internal IT support, while accelerated device delivery. And devices come with enforced management, so organizations can ensure they are always being used correctly and securely.

Zero-touch enrollment
in four steps:

Enterprise customers purchase devices
Reseller creates new
customer enrollment
accounts and assigns devices
Enterprise customers create or edit EMM configurations
Reseller ships devices
to users for easy activation

Android Enterprise:

Built for Business. Mobility for Every Worker and Every Use case

Whatever your business is, Android can help make it possible. There are Android devices for any job. Enterprise-grade security to protect data. More ways to create custom apps. And GoogleTM innovation powering it all.

  • Multiple layers of security to harden every weak spot
  • Dynamic productivity tools to empower every user
  • Comprehensive management capabilities
  • Unrivalled flexibility and innovation

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