K.F.I. operates through 4 strategic business units whose task it is to oversee and develop:

  • the design and implementation of integral solutions
  • assistance, maintenance and repair services
  • the supply of hardware, software and consumables
  • the production of printing devices for the OEM market

K.F.I. Advanced Solutions
This division, comprised of specialists with technical, methodological, procedural and organisational skills, enables K.F.I. to offer businesses an extraordinary wealth of expertise and knowledge for the purpose of creating technologically advanced, tailor-made projects capable of contributing added value to a company’s business.

K.F.I. Services
A certified product assistance and repair service, it carries out the staging of equipment, handles the remote/on-site technical support, and repairs faulty devices thus guaranteeing business continuity and the rapid resolution of problems.

K.F.I. Store
This division sells equipment and ancillary products: printers, applicators, terminals, voice systems, scanners, RFID devices, access points, etc. It markets all the products of global brand leaders such as Zebra Technologies, Honeywell AIDC & Voice Solutions, and others.

This division is dedicated to the design, research, development and production of innovative devices for the OEM market. It manufactures in Italy, and sells worldwide: the innovative Naut printers, famous for their sturdy construction and extremely compact design; the SKP range of printers, used to equip kiosks and as such called upon to offer extensive service autonomy and limited maintenance requirements.