Logistics and Shipment

Real-time data access and constant communication are of fundamental importance for the management of logistics and shipment operations. Thanks to special technology designed for each logistics unit, productivity, profitability and the number of operations performed may all be increased significantly.

K.F.I. offers solutions for: the cross-docking of materials and the management of deliveries; stock taking; the electronic measurement of volumes; picking operations; automatic label printing and application; temperature measurement; parcel sorting; the traceability of pallets; the development of special operating software and the creation of the entire wireless infrastructure.


  • receipt and storage
  • packaging and shipment
  • the traceability and sorting of parcels
  • cross-docking
  • electronic measurement of volumes
  • picking
  • temperature measurement
  • automatic label printing and application
  • printing of receipts
  • waybills
  • management of deliveries
  • automatic data collection
  • stock taking