All-in-one Identification, labelling, and printing: the value of KFI’s global service

Completing the range of solutions for printing, KFI is able to propose a global service which gathers the provision of supplies, the implementation of customized software systems for labelling management and systems for label printing and application in a single offer.

Thanks to strategic investments inside the major label factories, we are structured to provide specialist consultancy for the planning and production of all the types of labels available on the market and, in particular, for

  • Logistics
  • Stocking
  • Durable identification
  • Safety
  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic
  • Food


Labels and Tags

Neutral white self-adhesive labels, printed up to 10 colors with the possibility of printing using digital and Offset Flexographic technology, hot and cold foils printing, embossing and braille, inks and adhesives for contact with food screen printing.

Safety labels for durable identification with the possibility of innovative self-adhesive solutions.

Price Tags

Continuous, in rolls or fanfold price tags for specific applications in the fashion, ticketing, jewelry etc. sectors.

Tag rfid

Labels and tags for automatic traceability of the products, lots and serial numbers recognition, assets tracking, simultaneous reading of several articles, moving pallets reading.


Ribbons of all sizes and of different pigmentation qualities to allow both printing on normal paper and on synthetic materials, including with indelibility certification.

Badges e cards

Badges and cards customizable both front and front/back, neutral, with magnetic stripe card and with internal tags ideal for the identification and control of accesses in the company, customers loyalty programs and public in fairs, events, hotels, health & welfare management programs. (If using a Zebra’s printer, print cartridges are also available)

Laser, Thermal and RFiD Printing Wristbands

Direct thermal printing wristbands to gather in a single support all the data for the identification and management of people, even with barcodes