Kfi implements smart labels and tags in projects for items tracking and monitoring

RFID – Radio Frequency Identification, is the technology used to recognize and track items, goods and people without physical contact or optical reading. Thanks to its most peculiar characteristics, it ensures more control, safety and accuracy in data management.


  • Management costs reduction
  • Increase in the efficiency of warehouses
  • Clear decrease in errors
  • More efficiency of the whole supply chain

RFID technology is ideal in extreme environments where the tag may get teared off easily or in difficult environments with very low or high temperatures. It’s particularly appropriate in hospitals, public administrations, libraries, schools, in the civil protection, the army, etc.

Smart Label 

Smart Labels are adhesive labels equipped with an internal chip and RFiD antenna. They can be equipped with front panels of any type, from paper to plastic, with chips of various characteristics and variable sizes depending on the different application needs. They’re also available in an “On Metal” version made of white polyester with a high-performance acrylic adhesive optimized for use on metal and on painted metallic surfaces. They offer excellent duration in a wide range of operating temperatures, as well as resistance against water and chemical products.

Tag RFiD

RFID Tags are transponders for special uses equipped with an internal chip and RFiD antenna. They’re customizable, of various sizes and with chips of various characteristics depending on the different application needs, most commonly badges, tickets, wristbands, keychains, etc…

RFiD Tags are available in different types:

Active Tags

Equipped with an internal battery, they transmit the signal autonomously and they’re suitable for applications in which reading/writing at a distance of up to 15 meters are required.

Passive Tags

Devoid of internal battery, they contain a chip, an antenna and a capacitor. They allow to transmit and receive data at distances from 25 to 120 cm when a magnetic field is applied to them.

Functional analysis for a correct application

The choice of the type and number of smart labels and tags for item is identified downstream of functional testing. Inside KFI, the customer finds a team of specialists capable of verifying limits and potentials of application of this technology through an accurate analysis of the customer’s traceability processes and of the awaited return on the investment.