Case Study
Client: International Beverage Producer

RTLS & IoT Solution to monitor assets and speed

Case Study KFI
Client: CDU Consorzio Distributori Utensili

RFID system for inventory management and goods shipping

Client: Mechanical Reducer Manufacturer

Voice System to optimize the kitting process

Soluzione vocale per il collaudo dei motoveicoli
Client: Prestigious Italian Motorcycle Manufacturer

Voice solution for motorcycle testing check-lists

Client: Italian Manufacturer of Super Sports Cars

Spark Integration accelerates intralogistics operations

Client: Made in Italy Excellence in Fashion Industry

Pick to light solution for the consolidation of orders

Soluzione RFID in ambito farmaceutico
Client: Pharmaceutical Logistics Distributor 

RFID Solution for the management of urgent packages

Azienda multinazionale nella produzione dolciaria
Client: Confectionery Production Multinational

RFID Solution to track goods