Pick to light

The growing demand for solutions to make picking and sorting activities in the fields of production and logistics more efficient led KFI to explore alternative technologies to meet the specific needs of this process at best.

Pick to light is a technologic solution based on the use of light to easily and efficiently indicate the operator the correct execution of tasks in view of a strong reduction in the error rate. A device equipped with display, led lights and buttons able to emit a light signal that, combined with a quantity to be picked/deposited shown on the display, allows to correctly and quickly identify picking or deposit locations, is installed in each single location.  Thanks to the presence of the button, the operator confirms picking and registers the completion of the activity on the system at the same time: thus, data are always aligned and updated in real time and the possibility of error decreases drastically.

Flexibility of wireless technology

The strength of this solution is wireless installation which allows for a flexible setting up in mobility: as a matter of fact, the absence of wiring allows to reshape and adapt the picking process according to the warehouse and/or workspace sizes, to the number of operations to be carried out and to the number of variable assets for items handling (carts, crates, boxes etc.).

Not only picking: a single solution to cover multiple processes

Typically associated to picking, in which the location is highlighted by a light, pick to light is a solution which is also particularly effective for managing massive picking, ventilation and recovery activities, becoming:

Put to light 
in case of management of items deposit activities with the support of the light signal in correspondence of the location of destination

Sort by light 
in case of management of items sorting activities guided by the light signal

Ideal for supermarket warehouses and e-commerce logistics

Pick to light is a solution particularly suitable for components picking activities characterized by multi-item picking lists with often distant locations. The presence of the light pulse allows the operator to quickly and accurately identify the correct position of the component, but not only: thanks to the various led colorings, it is possible to define the sequence of pickings optimizing milk-run.

Another optimal application is pick to light use in the preparation of e-commerce orders which can be controlled using light devices to manage multi-item and/or multi-order pickings.

Discover SpeedyPick AIR

Latest generation pick-to-light system to support manual picking processes.