KFI markets, install and provides maintenance for the devices of the best brands on the market

Starting from the analysis of the real needs of your company and of the goals in performance terms, KFI assists you in the choice of the top performing portable terminals for management and access to data flows and to optimize specific processes and operations in logistics, transport, manufacturing and retail sectors.

A very wide variety of mobile computers

  • Handheld
  • Wearable
  • Tablet enterprise
  • Vehicle-mounted

Handheld – computer and smartphone enterprise

Ideal for mobile work, they allow the operators to quickly collect data flows, access information and applications and to efficiently handle fieldwork. Thanks to the integration of different types of readers, they allow to scan barcodes and to read QR codes and RFID. Handeld computers are very versatile and used in various work environments both indoor, outdoor and characterized by different complexity and dangerousness degrees. The fields of application are vast, from deliveries to off-site service operations, from sales points to logistical warehouses, up to industrial plants.

Tablet enterprise

High-performance industrial devices, the tablets allow the operator to access a high flow of data and information. They’re ideal for mobile use both in the warehouse or industrial environments and in retail environments to handle operations of sales points. The product array also includes highly robust rugged tablets designed to resist extreme conditions and in high-risk work environments.


Specifically designed to resist vibrations and shocks, vehicle-mounted computers are optimized to allow any handling operation through the use of mobile vehicles.


Especially suitable for picking operations, wearable terminals allow the operator to work hands-free and to manage activities as best as possible. Ensuring maximum ergonomics and flexibility, they allow to speed up work and to achieve a strong increase in productivity.

Service and repairs

KFI is a specialized center for after-sales assistance of devices related to the world of traceability: discover the repair and update services.