Reports and Complaints for Employees and External Parties

Social Responsibility

This webpage is dedicated to all individuals or groups that can influence, or be influenced by K.F.I. Srl or its activities, or who can help in setting value goals. Individuals such as:

  • Customers,
  • Suppliers and Subcontractors,
  • Public and Private Organizations,
  • Employment Agencies,
  • Professional Firms,
  • Consultants,
  • Employees,
  • Collaborators, etc.

This webpage allows to send complaints and/or notices to KFI Social Sustainability Manager in relation to facts and happenings contrary to the principles of Social Responsibility. K.F.I. Srl is committed to dealing with all reports and/or complaints received and taking all necessary corrective actions to resolve them.

K.F.I. Srl also undertakes to ensure that the facts contained in the report and/or complaint are kept as confidential as possible and not to implement any form of discrimination against the sender.

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