Operating lease
Turn-key solutions

K.F.I. offers an “All-Inclusive” operating lease service which offers the opportunity to make technological investments with no debt or capital and at a cost that may be paid repaid monthly. Using this formula, a customer is guaranteed the use of hardware, software and technical assistance, without having to pay any additional costs and without having to implement new company infrastructures.

For application solutions, on the other hand, various different arrangements for utilization are provided for: cloud, SaaS (Software as a Service) or pay per use, with a fixed or variable monthly payment calculable within the monthly rental charge.


  • One single supplier for both the lease service and for assistance and maintenance
  • Technological investment requiring no debt or capital
  • An investment divisible into monthly instalments
  • Transparent costs with a fixed price and no unforeseen charges
  • A better structure to the balance sheet: leased goods are not considered assets
  • The fiscal impact of lease instalments are tax deductible
  • Availability of cash and optimisation of cash management
  • Guaranteed continuous updating of hardware, software and services