prelievo di  componenti dal magazzino

Kitting guided by voice technology

Client company:

company specialised in the production of mechanical reducers for industrial and wind power applications

Scope of the solution:

KFI has set up a Voice Picking system to guide components picking from the supermarket warehouse

From a paper map to a voice navigation system

Thanks to the know-how gained in more than 15 years of experience in the field of voice technology at the service of logistics solutions, KFI accompanied the client company on a journey dedicated to improve the efficiency of the kitting phase. In particular – the Consulting & Solutions section – got involved in the picking process of components from the supermarket warehouse and in their correct positioning in containers placed on trolleys, transported by AGV directly to the assembly lines.

addetti picking di linea

The starting point

The picking workers, accompanied by trolleys moved by AGV, oriented themselves along the supermarket lines following a sort of paper map, showing the list of materials and an infographic of their correct placement in the different containers placed on the trolleys.

Each of the containers holds the material destined for a specific production station. Each of these is associated with an identification number which, being also reported on the paper guide, allows the operator to position the material correctly during the ventilation phase.

In the event of missing components, the components already picked and necessary for the same processing, are replaced on the shelf, still following the paper list.

In this context, the client company asked KFI to define an operator aid system capable of: ​

  • speeding up the process
  • reducing picking errors
  • reducing the errors of leased material repositioning

Straight to the point with KFI’s voice solutions

KFI has foreseen the introduction of Vocollect, a system based on voice interactions capable of showing the operator the way to the locations, of verifying the correctness of the position reached each time and indicating the quantities of material to be picked.

Once the picking has been carried out, the system specifies in the headset how to distribute the parts in the different containers, identifying them by their distinctive numbers and specifying the correct quantities of items to be placed in each of them. Thus, the operators can work hands-free and maintain a greater focus on the activities they are performing. This, combined with punctual and precise suggestions during the ventilation phase, has allowed a drastic decrease in inversion errors.

sistema vocale in grado di interagire

The goals achieved

The new working method has determined a 36% improvement in the accuracy of picking and has practically eliminated the time required for the training of new employees.

The client company has therefore expressed its full satisfaction in being able to count on an automated and modern process which allows the supply, to the production stations, of kits that are always correct and in full compliance with the deadlines.

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