Voice Directed Work

Pioneers in the development of this technology in Italy, over the years we have completed hundreds of installations, and in doing so we have guaranteed substantial increases in efficiency and accuracy. The voice technology used to guide operators in many processes (collection, resetting, cross-docking, cyclical inventory, etc.) ensures a substantial increase in productivity and a dramatic reduction in human errors, while training in the use of such technology does not take very long.

Thanks to our specific expertise in optimising logistic processes, both distributive and industrial, we can guarantee you a considerable reduction in Supply Chain costs. We provide a team of experts focused on the analysis and development of solutions based on the most innovative forms of voice-based technology.

We guarantee the adoption of the very latest voice-based solutions for mobile phone operators, designed to achieve higher corporate performance through the use of the voice. Voice-based technology has been successfully adopted in the textiles and clothing, equipment and machinery, automotive, aerospace defence, wholesale distribution, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, fast-moving consumer goods, logistics and retail markets.