Vocollect Voice

Kfi markets, installs and provides maintenance for devices with voice technology

Honeywell Vocollect ™ voice is the most popular software solution for speech recognition, specifically optimized for use in warehouse environments characterized by difficult conditions. Thanks to more than 25 years of experience in the application of voice technology, KFI assists the customer in the choice of the top performing wearable and mobile devices and in the implementation of a wide variety of voice-centric appliances designed to offer maximum operating results.

Vocollect adaptive speech recognition™

The speech recognition technology developed by Vocollect is capable of interpreting the user’s voice independently from language and pronunciation and of learning by use allowing, over time, to increasingly reduce the percentage of error.

Vocollect adaptive speech recognition™

La tecnologia di riconoscimento vocale sviluppata da Vocollect è in grado di interpretare la voce dall’utente indipendentemente dalla lingua e dalla pronuncia e di apprendere attraverso l’uso, permettendo così nel tempo di abbattere sempre di più la percentuale di errore.

Hands-free, eyes-free

One of the main advantages offered by a terminal using voice technology is linked to its wearability which allows the operator to carry out his tasks hands-free and eyes-free, in order to be able to focus on the insertion or retrieval of data in/from an information system.

A700 wearable solution

A700 range has been designed to improve the user’s productivity by integrating, besides voice technology, also scanning, Bluetooth and wireless connection in a single device, removing the need to use and manage multiple peripherals and allowing to carry out activities with the maximum mobility.

The solution includes three versions with distinctive characteristics suitable for various operating needs and specific conditions of the work environments.


Vocollect’s headsets for speech recognition are optimized and specifically created to enable voice applications. They’re available in wireless or connected (wireless or wired) configurations to support the peculiar needs of cold storage rooms, high-noise environments, works to be carried out with specific safety devices (helmets), or light industrial applications. In order to ulteriorly improve wearability, headsets wearable behind or above your head are also available.