Cookies are text files that are sent to the user’s computer by websites you visit.
Cookies are used to operate the Web sites properly, to make better the user experience and provide information to site owners the same. ( uses technical cookies to ensure the proper functioning of the web site as far as the use and navigation of its content.
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The web site ( uses the Google Inc., the service Google Analytics service that, through their own cookies, collects and processes statistical and anonymous logins and user behavior of Web sites on which it is qualified. uses the information gathered and organized by Google Analytics to improve their service and to his site.

Cookie Management
You can stop your site the use of cookies (fully or selectively) and can do so by changing the security settings / privacy of your browser. To do so by visiting the following link you can find the guides / tutorials that explain in detail how to disable cookies depending on the browser in use.

Google Analytics features can be selectively excluded by installing on your browser the additional component of the opt-out provision by Google: https:

Voluntary provision of data
Excluding those described for the data related to navigation, the user is free to provide their personal information to requests for information, registration, filling out forms or other services. Failure to provide this data may make it impossible to fulfill the demands and be a limit to the use of the functions provided by the website.

Questions, reports and complaints
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